Finding hidden planets

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Finding hidden planets

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Researchers at the University of Queensland and at the Dutch national observatory, ASTRON,think they have discovered stars with possible hidden planets. The astrophysicists used the biggest radio telescope of its type in the world, Lofar ( Low Frequency Array ), to detect radio waves from red dwarfs.
Signals where detected from 19 red dwarfs, 4 of them giving off signals that may indictate hidden planets orbiting them. None of the planets are bigger than the Earth.
The planets of the Solar System give off radio waves, as their powerful magnetic fields interact with the solar wind.
Dr. Benjamin Pope of the University of Queensland said, “This discovery is an important step in radio astronomy and could potentially lead to the discovery of planets throughout the Galaxy.”
Dr. Pope added that they couldn’t be 100% certain that there are hidden planets, but that the detected radio waves strongly suggest this as the best indicator for them.
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Re: Finding hidden planets

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It is refreshing mind, stuck within discussions the spectacular missions, discoveries and theories (still all of them 'academic'), promising to find new.
This shows how much we don't know or don't have enough observations of the universe.
Great one to remind where we are with current knowledge, at what might be promised to know more about.

Here is an interesting article, remindment of what we don't talk every day: ... aign=asyfb
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