Books on Go-To Scopes?

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Books on Go-To Scopes?

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If you know the comedy-horror movie Lake Placid, you heard the line, "It's the kind of information they hide in books."

I have books -- Harrington's Star Ware 4th ed 2007, the RASC Handbook, Pepin's Care of Astronomical Telescopes and Acessories -- but none on the most recent technology. The knowledge might be best found on websites. In any case, I would like to know where to go to learn about go-to telescopes. I was surprised to learn that they need recalibration every couple of hours and I was really surprised to discover that backlash is accepted as normal. My experience is in factory automation. If we worked like that, your automobile would not last 30,000 miles (which they did not 50 years ago). Anyway... I am seeking knowledge hidden in books.
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