China’s Mars ‘copter

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brian livesey
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China’s Mars ‘copter

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China’s space agency recently announced that it has developed a prototype mini-helicopter for future Mars missions - following on from China’s historic landing of a rover on the planet a few months ago.
The Mars ‘copter is similar in appearance to Nasa’s robotic helicopter Ingenuity that flew on its Perseverance mission this year. In May, China was only the second country to place a lander on the Red Planet. Perseverance landed in February. When released, its Ingenuity ‘copter rose about 10ft (3m) above the surface of Mars.
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Re: China’s Mars ‘copter

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China is obviously making its way for leadership in space.
It should have a positive cooperation/competition output to spur the leaders for keeping the pace.
Case by case for extraterrestrial exploration, earth surveillance and communications networks, and overall space exploration field.
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