Google Sky Map as a finder?

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Google Sky Map as a finder?

Post by dazcaz »

Sitting here at home hugging the radiator to try and get warm, I got playing with Google Sky Map. I find this a really useful tool for telling me what I'm looking at.
It got me thinking, would it be possible to use GSM as a finder scope?
Fix the phone to the scope by some adjustable method and use it to help guide you in to your target.

Before I waste too many hours trying to work out a way to mount the phone to my 'scopes, and too much time stood in the cold trying to make it work, has anyone tried this?
Did it work?
Could it work?

I have noticed that you can zoom in and out on GSM this could be used as a fine tuning tool.

Your thoughts and comments on this idea would be much appreciated.
It would help make find non visible to the unaided eye targets so much easier to find.

I have just been out in my garden and when I hold my phone up to the moon it tells me I'm pointing at polaris.... So something is not right with it at the mo, but once I have solved this, I might experiment a little. It's bloody freezing in my garden so I might wait for a warmer night :)
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