SAGAS/Nightlife Astronomy Event 4th July 09 - Porstmouth

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SAGAS/Nightlife Astronomy Event 4th July 09 - Porstmouth

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There is a SAGAS / Nightlife Summer Astronomy Event on Saturday 4th July 2009 in Portsmouth, Hampshire.

The main event consists of 5 lectures as follows:

Professor Carl Ross - Possible submarine exploration of the oceans of Europa

Professor Bob Nichol - Dark Energy

Professor Don Pollacco - Exoplanets - from hot Jupiters to habitable Earths"

Dr John Mason - adventures of an Astro Tourist ( to be confirmed)

Dr Allan Chapman - A History of the telescope from Harriot to Hubble

Tickets cost only £12 per person ( £10 for members of SAGAS Societies)
(If you don't know if your society is a member of SAGAS have a look at the list on )

This must be the bargain of the year compared to other events

More details on:

See these links for details of how to obtain tickets.

There are good transport links to Portsmouth by Rail and Road

There will be time at lunchtime for a quick visit to some of the attractions such as the spinnaker tower. There are also a lot of up market shops in the Gunwharf shopping centre for the other half.

Hope to see you there

John Murrell
Engineer @ Work - Astronomer @ Play
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