e-petition for CfDS

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e-petition for CfDS

Post by kharga »

"The night sky has inspired humanity for thousands of years. Our myths are built on it. We have learned to navigate the globe by it. Science has progressed because of it. Studying it had shown us our place in the universe and led to more stories, spiritual, philosophical, religious, social and emotional revolutions than any other part of our world. And yet every town and city in the country destroys it with light pollution.
This petition calls on government to give official support to the Campaign for Dark Skies, and grant the night sky the status of a Site of Special Scientific Interest (SSSI) and/or an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty (AONB), and to support this status with a major energy efficiency strategy of re-configuring street lighting to protect the sky while meeting crime and safety objectives."

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Post by Brian »

Signed it. Signature count is only ~2300 so many many more needed for any possibility of action ,
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Post by dualyn »

signed it,hopefully we can emerge victorious.

Regards Duane.
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I signed it a few days ago,
Love to see it get debated .. But not holding my breath !
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Light pollution

Post by Paul Freeman »

Th e petition for this can be found on the Light Pollution section of the forum, started by Chrisdrb.

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