Orion's Belt & Sword: great mosaic in H-alpha

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Danilo Pivato
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Orion's Belt & Sword: great mosaic in H-alpha

Post by Danilo Pivato »

Hi all,

a photomosaic consisting in 17 shots that show the central
part of the constellation of Orion.

The mosaic measures approximately: 9°x8° (6464x5860 pixels)
and was completed in 21 nights.

The total time exposure of all frames is 76.5 hours

The equipment is Telephoto Nikkor 300mm f/2,8 @ f/4;
CCD: SBIG ST-10XME with H-alpha filter.

The location is my balcony observatory in Rome:

http://www.danilopivato.com/introductio ... p/2009.htm

The mosaic is here:

http://www.danilopivato.com/tabulae_coe ... mosaic.htm

Best regards,

Danilo Pivato
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David Frydman
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Post by David Frydman »

That is a nice photo,
Regards, David
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Post by Brian »

Breath-taking detail 8) I love it!

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Post by Davej »


That is a splendid mosaic Danilo, some great detail there.

All the best
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Post by smerral »

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Danilo Pivato
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Post by Danilo Pivato »

Thank you!

Danilo Pivato
Ender Of Days
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Post by Ender Of Days »

Shame its not in colour :D

That has to be the finest image of that region Ive ever seen,totaly an awesome image,

Well done that man :)

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David Frydman
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Post by David Frydman »

It is a wonderful photo.
There are two questions I have.
I see no diffraction spikes around bright stars at f/4. I presume the Nikon lens has either 9 iris blades or shaped iris blades to give a circular aperture.
Also the off centre images of the brighter stars in various locations is presumably a result of the mosaic nature of the photo.
In a single photo the off centre bright stars would congregate at the edges.

The detail and contrast and extent of the photo is wonderful.

Regards, David
mike a feist
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Post by mike a feist »

A really great photo........I disagree however that "pity it was not in colour" .........the term "gilding the lily" comes to mind.....mike
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Post by Vega »

Stunning detail in there. Thanks for sharing. Loving the obsy and location too .. im not jelous.. much :shock:
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Post by pastafarianpriest »

Absolutly gorgeous!
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Post by davidm61 »


Many thanks for sharing such a detailed and simply beautiful study of of a part of Orion. Breathtaking!!!
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