Hubble, probes to the planets etc

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Here's one view of space exploration. :)
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Post by Davej »

Nice one Joe.
Makes one think.
Are we really ready for inter-planetary voyages / colonization, I think not.
I have always dreamed of this kind of thing happening (well in my younger years :) ) but that is a long way off now (my younger years too ).
We are doing a good job of killing our own planet (all types of pollution..oil, co2, nuclear waste (or is it really being wasted ?)), the list goes on.
Let's just observe is my way of thinking now.
The Rovers on Mars and the Hubble telescope etc. are more than capable of giving us data to analyse for years. I'm all for the experiments and all the scientific work aboard the ISS that is being carried out.. I think we should just concentrate on our own home.
All the best.
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Before moving on to exploit Jupiter's resources, Joe, there's the asteroid belt.
One near-earth asteroid is thought to be rich in metals: nickel, platinum and gold, etc. It's been suggested that this is why Obama has diverted interest away from manned moon exploration to landing on an asteroid.
In theory at least, a mineral/metal-rich asteroid could be moved into earth orbit and mined.
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