Mercury Observation tonight

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Re: Mercury Observation tonight

Post by Brian »

27Feb2019 18.20UT. Mercury quickly picked up n/eye again in bright twilight, -0.3mag. Noticeably dimmer now though. With this current spell of settled weather forecast to break down tomorrow, this may well be my last glimpse this apparition.
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David Frydman
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Re: Mercury Observation tonight

Post by David Frydman »

2019 Feb 27 18.22 to 18.25 UT.

Haze today, much less transparent than my last view on February 25. Sky much more colourful near the horizon than my last Mercury observation.
Picked up binocular and found Mercury, but the view was rather dim and Mercury was very pink.
Mercury now several degrees to the right of my last observation. Elevation perhaps slightly higher, about 8.5 degrees.

Then I realised that I had picked up the wrong binocular, a Nikon Action 10x40 that I don't much like.
Changed to the Swift HR/5 8.5x44 that was next to it.
Mercury was almost white in this, and the image was considerably brighter.

Saw Mercury with distance glasses, but not very bright.

The last observation the sky was unusually transparent.
In the last few days the Sun had only a small bright area around it, much smaller than is normal here. This indicates little water vapour and little dirt in the air.
Photos of a tree show little sign of the sun hidden behind it.

The last three days have been 20C, 21C and today 19C.

Today 17.50UT wind 270 degrees 4 knots visibility 12km sky clear 14C dewpoint 6C 1021 hPa.
It was 1037 hPa a few days ago and dewpoint much lower.

So it seems that the pinkness of Mercury also depends on which binocular is used, as well as air clarity.


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Re: Mercury Observation tonight

Post by mike a feist »

27/2/19, 180-1900 UT: Used mainly the Nikon 15-45x60 (at 15x), through upper window. Conditions were rather misty and deteriorated at the end and although I did manage to see Mercury disappear behind a ghostly Southwick Hill, the planet was yellow-reddish, flickering and bubbling and quite faint in the scope. (Obs. #521) . Regards maf.

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