Light Pollution Over Time

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Light Pollution Over Time

Post by jeff.stevens »

I read a comment (elsewhere on the web, not this forum) from someone saying they thought the view of the night sky in their city had improved. I suspect this was from someone who is not a regular observer. I can’t say that this is my experience, but it got me thinking - are there any reputable surveys/statistics that show comparison over time?

I did have a quick look, but couldn’t see anything obvious. I did, however, find this link, which had me puzzled even more, especially as it was tagged onto the website for a producer of blinds and shutters. The sources seem to imply the CfDS and the International Dark Skies Association we’re referenced. I appreciate it’s specifically talking about skyglow, but at the same time implying this may be reducing in the UK.

I’d love to hear your thoughts on this.

Best wishes, Jeff.
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Re: Light Pollution Over Time

Post by Brian »

Well, "Good for Hillarys" say I 8)

I can only see the 2025 map. No scrollbar for me. Pity.
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David Frydman
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Re: Light Pollution Over Time

Post by David Frydman »

I think that skyglow gets worse and worse here, however, my eyes are also not so good.

It may be that the constant building work just increases housing density.

I see no evidence for any reduction in skyglow over time.

The LEDs are massively overbright and 'security' lights breed like rabbits. :(

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Re: Light Pollution Over Time

Post by scilover »

For my area, there's no improvement at all. In fact, it's the opposite. More and more buildings are being built and more people are moving in thus there is more light pollution nowadays.
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