Shedding the light on gardens

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brian livesey
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Shedding the light on gardens

Post by brian livesey »

An article in one of the national papers last week encouraged readers to install all manner of lights in their gardens to "make your garden glow" at night.
A picture was included in the article, showing every cranny in a garden illuminated by lights. What chance have we sky-watchers when the national press goes out of its way to encourage light pollution?
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Re: Shedding the light on gardens

Post by Cliff »

Brian - Please note at last I might be ending my previously formal Dear start, but not sure I won't go back to it ???
My initial response to your question is NOT MUCH.
As I see it the general public haven't really changed their feelings about light pollution very much over the years since the WW2 Black Out ended once they got used to having more and more "better" lighting at night. To be honest, since I stopped night sky observing, I think my own past concerns about light pollution have dwindled, certainly a bit & possibly a lot.
There was a time when I made broad estimates of how many amateur astronomers there are in the UK and how many people actually observe the night sky. Then there are people who are not what might be called "Serious Amateur Astronomers" but are genuine "Stargazers" who's are not desperately worried about astronomical science but genuinely enjoy the beauty of the night sky stars. I might also mention that there are probably some "Fairly Serious Amateur Astronomers" quite interested in Astronomical Theory but not bothered about observing the stars at all, or hardly ever.
Best wishes from Cliff
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