Measuring the Impacts of Light Pollution

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Measuring the Impacts of Light Pollution

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Sky and Telescope June 16.

"Light pollution is pervasive, and its impact on people is larger than you might think"
"The American Medical Association has just-released a policy document blasting the use of blue-rich LED streetlights."

“White LED light threatens to dramatically increase the amount of outdoor lighting. We need to slow down this LED juggernaut and think about it more carefully. Unless the blue-light emission is restricted, switching to LEDs can more than double the night sky brightness as perceived by our dark-adapted eyes." ... pollution/
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Re: Measuring the Impacts of Light Pollution

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The world is always ten years too late to stop what the misguided started.

By the time action is taken on anything the damage is done and probably not reversible.

We are already living in the mess we created, and unfortunately the trend continues downward.

A pity really, as our world could be a nice place to live in.

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