Legislation regarding street lighting

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Legislation regarding street lighting

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I was wondering whether anyone would be able to point me in the direction of any legislation that covers street lighting that spills onto private property?

I am in dialogue with my local councillor who is rather helpful but unfortunately he has been stone-walled by Hertfordshire County Council, who are primarily hiding behind budget cuts as an excuse against actually doing anything at all.

I am well aware that councils have greater restraints on them nowadays and my issue is probably low priority in their opinion in the grand scheme of things. However I would be grateful if anyone knows of anything that would enable me to press my case.[/img]
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I cannot help much but get in touch with Campaign for dark skies or I think the SPA has an officer dealing with light pollution.
If the light is coming from a street light fitting in front of your property you can ask the council to fit a shade. Modern lamp fittings can have this easily and quickly fitted to the rear of the lamp housing.
Side lighting from a street light is more difficult. Can you shield the light with a fence or temporary shade when you observe. Perhaps you can ask if lighting is switched off after midnight to save money.
Regards, David
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