SKytopia 2008

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SKytopia 2008

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Just a little note for any traveling amateurs out there.

This is early news of an inaugural star party in the Mount Macedon ranges in Victoria, Australia in March, 2008. This is near the site of the Mount Macedon Observatory.

It is being sponsored by one of the Astronomy magazines and goes over 5 days and 4 nights.

My wife and I will be driving the 1200 kms to get there and there is to my knowledge, a convey travelling the 2500-3000 kms road from Perth.

There is apparently a web site being drawn up and it will come on line closer to the time although there is info floating around at present.

The title is "Skytopia 2008" and at present it sounds like the famous John Dobson (of Dobsonian Mount fame) will be a guest.

I get the feeling that it is hoped to be an international event, and don't forget : the skies in australia and the southern hemisphere are in fact very dark and beautiful as we don't share the same skyglow problems as the northern hemisphere.

The time when the event is on is at the end of summer so one could probably expect days in the high 20s to 30s and cooler nights in the 18-25 degree celcius range

For those interested, keep your eyes peeled. Me and Deb will be tenting it but you will need to look at accommodation (i hear there are about 1000 camp sites available.

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