Galway (Ireland West) Astronomy festival Jan27 07

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Galway (Ireland West) Astronomy festival Jan27 07

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If you are a visitor to Ireland during January why not venture west to the the lovely seaside city of Galway, here the local astronomy club are running a well organised star party now in its 4th year.

A recent NASA mission to view the Sun in 3D and the tantalizing images of its surface that are being beamed back to Earth will be among other topics raised at the Galway Astronomy Festival to be held on Saturday January 27th 2007 at The Westwood House Hotel in Newcastle, Galway City. The event is being organised between Galway Astronomy Club and several departments at NUI Galway including Experimental Physics, IT, Chemistry and Applied Optics. It will feature a number of distinguished speakers from the college and a visiting speaker from University College London.

Whether you are an amateur astronomer, academic, or just a curious member of the public interested in the mysteries of the Universe, there may be something to interest you at this daylong event. Starting at 10 am Dr Lucie Green from the UK will discuss how a new NASA satellite launched to explore and measure colossal explosions on the surface of the Sun will tell scientists how their shock waves affect our Planet. Then from the Applied Optics Dept at NUI Galway Professor Chris Dainty will discuss how astronomers using advanced technology with a technique called “Adaptive Optics” are able sharpen the view of some of the most distant objects in the Universe.

After lunch Dr Aaron Golden from the IT Dept at NUI Galway will discuss recent pioneering work he has carried out from various observatories around the world on some of the most elusive and enigmatic objects in our galaxy so called “Brown Dwarfs”. At 4pm Professor R.N Butler, Head of the Chemistry Dept at the college will take to the stage . He has taught at the college since 1971 and had had over 200 papers published in refereed international journals. He will talk about clues to the Origins of Life on Earth and how scientists are creating models from meteorites and the giant moon of the planet Saturn, Titan to how explain how life evolved here. Tickets are available at the door opening at 9am. Also included are Information stands, exhibitions and workshops and as a bonus attendees will get chance to visit the Imbush Observatory situated on the college campus that houses a ‘state of the art' 16 inch Cassegrain Telescope with high quality instrumentation.

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