Art & Human Spaceflight 9-13th Sept. 2006 - North London

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Art & Human Spaceflight 9-13th Sept. 2006 - North London

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The Roundhouse, Camden, North London, is the venue for this event, running from the 9th - 13th September 2006:
What do artists think about the human desire to
leave the Earth's cradle? For a short, intense period
the Roundhouse will be transformed into a mixture
of rocket factory, Mars rehearsal habitation and
spaceship sleeping quarters in a series of installations
and events about Space.

Aleksandra Mir, renowned for her large-scale sitespecific
performance 'First Woman on the Moon',
constructs a vast rocket from ready-made materials
in the cavernous main space. Outside, N55 and Neal
White build a 'Space on Earth' station, a rehearsal for
living on other planets, while below, the Roundhouse
Studios is transformed as London Fieldworks perform
'SpaceBaby', a real-life experiment into the genetics
of sleep.
On Sunday 10th September, Apollo astronaut, Alan Bean, discusses his experience of being on the moon, the impact of spaceflight on the human mind, and the power of art.

Thanks to Emily Baldwin (SPA Primespace Editor) for the details of this event.