International Meteor Conference, 14-17 September 2006

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International Meteor Conference, 14-17 September 2006

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This year's International Meteor Conference (IMC) takes place at Roden in The Netherlands from September 14-17 inclusive, and as usual it will bring together amateur and professional meteor enthusiasts from around the world. IMCs are always great fun for anyone with a real interest in meteors. There is a daily programme of lectures and poster presentations, dealing with all branches of meteor astronomy, plus an excursion will be mounted to visit the LOFAR telescope, which will be the largest telescope in the world when it's finished. Despite all this planned activity, there is always ample time to talk to the many enthusiasts with similar interests. As the Conference's official language is English, this could scarcely be easier for anyone from the UK wishing to attend.

Although the IMC is the International Meteor Organization's (IMO's) main annual meeting, and includes the IMO's General Assembly, you do not need to be an IMO member to register for, or attend, the IMC. At present, you can still apply for the reduced early registration fee of 120 Euros, providing you do so before July 1. From July 1st onwards, the price increases to 130 Euros. This price includes accommodation, meals, the excursion, entry to all parts of the IMC, and a copy of the Conference's "Proceedings".

Full information about the IMC, including a registration form, is available at: .

This year, the IMC organizers have arranged two additional meteor schools, to run from September 11-13 inclusive, and also in Roden: a Radio Meteor School, and a Meteor Orbit Workshop. The costs to attend either will be 120 Euros in addition to the cost of the IMC. If you wish to attend one of these, you MUST contact the organizers BEFORE July 1st. However, be warned, as these are NOT courses for beginners, and assume near-graduate level knowledge of both physics and mathematics. As both courses run simultaneously, it would be possible to only attend one. Again, more information is available at the above website address.

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