Peak Star Party 2012

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Peak Star Party 2012

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Right everybody, PSP2012 is officially open - but I will need your help to track down any issues that crop up.

This version of the site has been built in Joomla! with the Virtuemart e-commerce platform - it has been a hell of a learning curve and we won't get the "support" we got from EventElephant last year so, if you do find any bugs, please e-mail with as much detail as possible.

Last year's link (Peak Star Party 2011) goes directly to the PSP2012 pages; this is part of the main Peak District Dark Skies website which you can get to at Home for now (or follow the "PDDS Home" link on the PSP2012 menu). We will sort out the PDDS domain soon so both the peakstarparty domains can point to the right place.

To anyone who has a specific pitch request, please state this in the "Leave a Comment" box in the Shopping Cart. As I said before, we cannot guarantee to honour every request but we will do our best!

Known Issues:
1. We can accept cheque orders but I cannot figure out how to display the address to send cheques to easily - will sort this out soon.
2. The PDDS Forum styling doesn't match the rest of the site - colours are out and it is a little too wide. Will work on this as a lower priority as it is unlikely to be used very much...
3. The PDDS forum areas have not been set up fully. Please say hello in the Welcome Mat section, and report any issues with the PSP2012 booking system in the "Suggestion Box".
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