Any interest in an IW star party?

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Any interest in an IW star party?

Post by DeepSkyObserver »

At the Vectis Astronomical Society's committee meeting last night we discussed the possibility of running an Isle of Wight Star Party. This would not be a *public* star party, i.e. not showing members of the public bright objects, etc, but an event for serious observers, something along the lines of Equinox or Kielder Forest.

If so, would anyone on here be seriously interested in coming to the IW for 2 nights of camping and observing? We have dark skies and often good weather and the observing conditions are often excellent.
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Post by HippyChippy »


I'd be up for it - soon as the weather's more suitable for camping that is - and thanks for the tentative offer. I've been wondering about the Isle of Wight for observing, so a Star Party would be great... and so much easier to get to than Norfolk :)
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Post by trekker308 »

Yep, sounds good to me - I've always enjoyed combining camping with astronomy, but I don't think I will be lugging my MN78 over on the ferry!

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Post by Phil Rice »

Count me in

Phil :lol:
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