Guildford International Space Colloquium - Videos Online

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Guildford International Space Colloquium - Videos Online

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The AMSAT-UK International Space Colloquium was held July 30-31 at the Holiday Inn, Guildford, GU2 7XZ. The annual event was open to all.

Videos of the presentations can now be viewed online. They include:
SSSTL/SSL Update - Space Engineering at Surrey by Prof. Sir Martin Sweeting G3YJO
ESMO Update - European Student Moon Orbiter by Dr. Susan Jason SSTL
STRaND-1 a Smartphone CubeSat - "The most advanced CubeSat in the Solar System" by Shaun Kenyon
FUNcube Dongle - A VHF/UHF (64-1700MHz) Software Defined Radio by Howard Long G6LVB
FUNcube Satellite - AMSAT-UK's 435/145 MHz linear transponder CubeSat by Jim Heck G3WGM
UKube-1 Update - United Kingdom Universal Bus Experiment by Mike Willis G0MJW
InKlajn-1 - New Israeli CubeSat (pronounced Incline) by Shamai Opfer 4Z1WS
The Interplanetary Internet - IPv6 in Space by Lloyd Wood
AMSAT-DL Presentation - Update on AMSAT-DL and P3E by Peter Guelzow DB2OS
QB50 Update - 50 CubeSats in Space by Neil Melville PA9N and Lars Mehnen OE3HWM

You can watch the videos online at
Click on the 'Film Archive' icon
Select 'AMSAT 2011' from the Category drop down menu
Click 'Select Category'
Select the video you wish to watch
Click on 'Select Stream'
Click the play icon '>' on the player
Clicking on the icon to the left of the player volume control will give you full screen display.

You can copy a video file to your PC by clicking on the 'Click Here' link under the player.

PowerPoint slides can be downloaded at

AMSAT-UK is the Amateur Satellite organisation of the United Kingdom.

The Spring issue of the AMSAT-UK newsletter OSCAR News can be downloaded free at

You can join AMSAT-UK at

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