Unravelling Galaxy Formation, Nottingham, 24th March 2011

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Unravelling Galaxy Formation, Nottingham, 24th March 2011

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Substructures and Streams in the Milky Way: Unravelling Galaxy Formation presented by Dr. Hanni Lux. See link for details:

http://www.nottingham.ac.uk/astronomy/i ... ile=public
  • Thursday 24th March 2011
    6-7 pm
    Maths & Physics Building (B1)
    University Park Campus
ABSTRACT: What kind of structures and substructures do we see in the Milky Way? What are stellar streams and where do they come from? And how does all of this help us in understanding the formation of galaxies? Recently, we have been able to find a lot more "little" galaxies orbiting around the Milky Way than had previously been known. This partly confirms predictions from our galaxy formation models, that assume the existence of the two mysterious components "dark matter" and "dark energy". These also predict the little galaxies to be remnants of the initial phase of galaxy formation. Another exciting recent detection is that of the wealth of stellar streams in our Milky Way. How these are connected to the observed "little" galaxies and to understanding galaxy formation is what I will explain in my talk.
David Entwistle
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