"Superstrings", Leeds College of Music, 28th Jan

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"Superstrings", Leeds College of Music, 28th Jan

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The public are invited to attend:

Superstrings: Discover how Einstein and the LHC will guide us on a journey to the heart of matter.

A lecture by Professor Brian Foster (Universiy of Oxford) accompanied by Jack Leiber playing live music by Bach, Mozart & Kreisler.

Friday 28th January 2011 5.15pm

The Venue, Leeds College of Music

See here for details.
This lecture links Einstein's favourite instrument, the violin, with many of the concepts of modern physics that he did so much to found.

Relativity, E = mc2 and Einstein's role in understanding the atom, lead into an outline of why his theory cannot be used to describe the smallest constituents of matter. Discover why the Universe has "holes" and how this affects the "Standard Model" of particle physics and cosmology. This outstandingly successful theory has many problems, including how to reconcile Relativity and the Quantum World. One possible solution may be that the universe is filled with vibrating strings- Superstrings. They may be discovered by the Large Hadron Collider at CERN. The lecturer gives the latest news from Geneva and progress towards achieving Einstein's dream of constructing a "Theory of Everything".
David Entwistle
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