Galway AstroFest, February 12-13 2010

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Galway AstroFest, February 12-13 2010

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I have been sent details of this event as follows..

"Our Astro festival takes place on the new moon weekend after the London AstroFest so if you would like an location with difference and some great talks in a relaxed athmosphere, here is the place. When here why not take a tripout to Connemara and stay a night in possibly one of the darkest districts in Western Europe, when it doesent rain."

Takes place at the 4* Westwood House Hotel from Friday February 12th to Saturday February 13th 2010.

Friday Feb 12th 7.30pm, two talks (free admission)

Offical Opening by Galway Astronomy Club

Philip Walsh GAC: “The Drake Equation”

Professor Paul Mohr, (retired NUI Galway): “Cassini, Meridani nodding Ecliptic”

Will be an extensive account of astronomical work based on meridian instruments constructed in five European cathedrals, Santa Maria Novella and the Duomo in Florence, San Petronio in Bologna, Santa Maria degli Angeli in Rome, and Saint Sulplice in Paris. Measurements of the resulting solar images were useful to Cassini in enabling him to distinguish between the Ptolemaic and Keplerian systems - in favour of the latter! An additional bonus was the detection and accurate quantification of secular decline in the obliquity of the ecliptic

Observing afterwards at our beautiful dark sky site. This expansive Celtic Garden is only 12 miles north of the city yet in a rural setting, situated between the huge Lough Corrib on one side and Connemara on the other. St Brigits Garden Park is a beautiful venue and home to Ireland's largest Sundial, for a closer look please see

Saturday February 13th

Dr Aaron Golden NUI Galway: “Has Earth Contaminated the Solar System? – the Case for Life on Mars”

Brian Harvey: “The Asian Space Race”

Alastair Mc Kinstry NUI Galway: "Extra Solar Planets: Climates and Atmospheres"

Dr Deidre Coffey Dublin Insititue of Advanced Studues: “Investigating Protostellar Jets with the Hubble Space Telescope after Service Mission 4”

Dr Vitaly Neustroev NUI Galway: "Amateur Astronomers and Cataclysmic Variables"

Dr Neal Trappe NUI Maynooth: "ALMA: Europe's new venture in Exploring our Cosmic Origins"

Proffessor Alan Smith, Director of Mullard Space Science Lab, University College London UK : “Space Science: The Next 20 Years”

After Dinner talk presented by Terry Moseley,Irish Astronomical Association: "Adventures with Heavenly Bodies"

Observing again at Brigits Garden and tour of NUI Galway Observatory and facilities

There will also be Trade Stands and a 3D Universe exhibiion

Would be nice to see some UK visitors

Best wishes

Ronan Newman

Secretary & Cordinator Galway AstroFest 2010

Further details: here and here.
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