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UCL Lunch Hour Lecture, Tuesday 27 Oct, London

Posted: Wed Aug 26, 2009 4:06 pm
by Kevin Brown
The UCL events team manage their public Lunch Hour Lecture
Series. Lectures run on Tuesdays and Thursdays, 1.15-1.55pm, are free
and open to all and require no pre-booking.

A lecture is planned for 27 October, in conjunction with
400th anniversary of the telescope, given by Fowler Prize winner Sarah

Here are some details, we have been sent by UCL....

"On Tuesday 27 October we have programmed in a Lunch Hour Lecture
entitled "Seeing the invisible: Observing the dark side of the universe"
by Dr Sarah Bridle (UCL Physics & Astronomy).

In this lecture Dr Bridle will describe in pictures 'gravitational lensing',
the bending of light by gravity, which is predicted by Einstein's General Relativity. The mysterious dark components that constitute most of the universe do not
emit or absorb light, but they do exert a gravitational attraction, and
gravitational lensing is one of the most promising methods for finding
out more about them. Dr Bridle will review the current observations and
upcoming surveys."

I am very keen to publicise this to a wide audience and hope this is
something you might be able to promote via your website and to
colleagues in your field. The lecture can either be watched live on 27
October, or watched online/downloaded from iTunesU for free from seven
days after the event.

More information and details can be found at ."