Horizon - Titan: A Place Like Home? (BBC2 Thu 20th Oct)

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Horizon - Titan: A Place Like Home? (BBC2 Thu 20th Oct)

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According to the Radio Times guide, this looks like an interesting episode of Horizon on BBC2 on Thursday 20th October at 9:00pm.
David Butcher wrote:It's one of the real adventure stories of our time: the story of how a little manmade probe called Cassini-Huygens travelled a billion kilometres (yes, a billion) to a distant moon of Saturn and sent tantalising photographs back to Earth. Horizon retells it here and does a good job of cranking up the tension. What comes across is the terrifying technical challenge: simple things like getting three parachutes that have been packed up for seven years to open correctly first time as the probe lands. If they don't, say goodbye to a decade's hard work. Not surprisingly, the scientists featured tend to have a certain wry fatalism about them. The picture that emerges of Titan is intriguing because it has an atmosphere like our own was four billion years ago, and it shows some of the chemistry that could lead to life - if only it weren't so damn cold up there.
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