China's Mars probe latest

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China's Mars probe latest

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China's space agency has announced that its Mars probe, Tianwen ( "question to heaven" ), launched in July, will arrive at Mars in February. This coincides with the arrival of NASA's Perseverance lander and the United Arab Emirate's Hope orbiter.
The probe is now 9.5 million miles from Earth and its scientific instruments have been tried and are working well.
Tianwen is China's first homegrown Mars mission, launched on a Chinese rocket. An earlier attempt was tried with a Russian rocket, but it failed to launch. Tianwen will release its rover after being attached to the orbiter for two or three months, then land in the area of Utopia Planitia in Mars' Northern Hemisphere.
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Re: China's Mars probe latest

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The Tianwen 1 mission is equipped with 13 scientific instruments: a camera for survey shooting with an average resolution (up to 100 m), a multispectral camera with a high resolution (up to 0.5 meters), a radar for studying the subsurface structure of the soil, a spectrometer for studying the mineral composition of the surface, a magnetometer for measuring the characteristics of magnetic fields of the planet, analyzer of ions and neutral particles for measuring the characteristics of the solar wind and other indicators, analyzer of charged particles. The rover itself is equipped with a high-resolution topographic camera for obtaining images of the planet's surface in 3D, a multispectral camera for studying the composition of the soil, a ground-penetrating radar that can examine the surface structure up to 100 meters in depth, a surface structure analyzer that can recognize more than 10 chemical elements, a magnetic field detector; and an instrument for meteorological measurements. The fact that China launched its own rover to explore Mars is the beginning of international Mars exploration.
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