Nasa abandons its Opportunity Mars rover

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brian livesey
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Nasa abandons its Opportunity Mars rover

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Nasa has given up on the possibility of restarting its Opportunity rover, after losing contact with it last summer due to a Martian dust storm. Opportunity far exceeded its expected lifetime, having survived for 15 years and travelling 45 kms ( 28 miles ) on the Red Planet. The rover sent back 200,000 raw images of Mars, and it confirmed the presence of water in the soil.
Opportunity's twin rover, Spirit, gave up the ghost, so to speak, in 2011, after getting stuck in the sand.
John Callas, manager of the Mars project, said of Opportunity: "It's just like a loved one who's gone missing, and you keep holding out hope that they will show up and be healthy. But each passing day that diminishes and at some point you have to say 'enough' and move on with your life.
It's surprising how many people are still in thrall to Mars and wish to live there, as if it was pre-Mariner days when the planet was regarded by some almost as a little Earth.
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Re: Nasa abandons its Opportunity Mars rover

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15 years! Tempus fugit.
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Eva Braun
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Re: Nasa abandons its Opportunity Mars rover

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Even if NASA would like to save Opportunity - they couldn't because it can be restored only if Curiosity will find it and even then, Curiosity isn't equipped with the needed instruments to restore Opportunity. The distance between the rovers is huge and Curiosity could be stuck halfway. The only way is to create the rover with the one mission - find and reanimate Opportunity - but that is worthless spending of money which is limited for NASA these days.
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