Anyone for "Shmite" spread?

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Anyone for "Shmite" spread?

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Scientists have found a way to convert human waste into a protein and fat-rich food substance that could be consumed by astronauts on long space missions to Mars and beyond. Microbes were used to break down human waste:
"We envisioned and tested the concept simultaneously treating astronauts' waste with microbes while producing a biomass that is edible either directly or indirectly, depending on safety concerns," said Professor Christopher House of Pennsylvania State University.
He added: "It's a little strange, but the concept would be a little like Marmite or Vegemite, where you are eating a smear of microbial goo."
Providing enough food on long spaceflights is a major problem, both in terms of bulk storage and having sufficient water to grow food on board. One solution is to recycle human waste into an edible substance.

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Re: Anyone for "Shmite" spread?

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Isn't that what Marmite is made off :lol:
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