Has Voyager 1 really left the solar system?

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Has Voyager 1 really left the solar system?

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There seems to be some controversy about this. Last year, NASA announced that the spacecraft, launched in 1977 to study Jupiter and Saturn, had left the solar system behind and entered interstellar space.
However, two members of the NASA team claim that Voyager 1 is still inside the heliosphere and, therefore, still under the Sun's influence:
"George Gloeker, who has been working on the Voyager mission since 1972, and Len Fisk of the University of Michigan have devised a test that Voyager 1 must pass if the claim is to be recognised.
They predict that sometime in 2015 Voyager 1 will encounter a reversal in the magnetic polarity of the solar wind, and this will be picked up by its onboard instruments, proving that the spacecraft is indeed still within the heliosphere" - Today's "i".
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