SETI - Keep It Going Or Not?

Hubble, probes to the planets etc

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Mr Q
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SETI - Keep It Going Or Not?

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Since its been several decades since the program started, no "out there" signals from intelligent beings have yet been reported. So should we keep the program going or not and why?

My vote - keep it going. We spend much more money on wasteful government projects/agencies. Like the saying goes, "Absence of proof is not proof of absence" as far as ETs are concerned. And NO, I don't believe they are "here" or visit us :roll:

Besides, since any entities are guaranteed to be many light years away, radio(at the speed of light) is the fastest method we know of currently to send/receive messages light years away.
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brian livesey
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Re: SETI - Keep It Going Or Not?

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Yes, let's keep SETI going, but our best hopes for ET detection may lie in the orbiting space observatories that are planned for the future.

G Burt
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Re: SETI - Keep It Going Or Not?

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I was recently listening to an interview with Dr. Seth Shostak, head of the SETI institute. He made the interesting points that the total number of staff at SETI is less than that at your local fast food restaurant and funding is from private sources, so no spending of taxpayers' money.
So there isn't really any reason to object to the project, at least from that point of view, but whether it will ever be successful is another matter.

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