What`s the aim of the ISS and how long are the crew up there

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What`s the aim of the ISS and how long are the crew up there

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I was just thinking,what with the last 3 space shuttle missions left, how long are the ISS crew staying up there?Becuase there won`t be no more flights up there so how they gonna get down?And what are they actually doing?


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The American shuttle missions are ending but there will still be flights by the Russians. I imagine NASA will pay the Russian space agency to take astronauts up before a new space exploration vehicle comes into service.
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Another possibility of getting to the ISS is by a rocket, Falcon 9, which will be having it's maiden flight (with a dummy load) from Canaveral Fri 4th at 16.00 BST.
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Edit. This should answer your question about the aims of the ISS.
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