Jupiter's X-Ray bursts

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Jupiter's X-Ray bursts

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Combining close up images from Nasa''s Jupiter-orbiting Juno satellite with simultaneous X-Ray measurements from the European Space Agency's Earth-orbiting XMM-Newton Observatory, researchers claim to have discovered why Jupiter gives off X-Ray bursts every few minutes.
The X-Ray bursts are triggered by vibrations in Jupiter's magnetic field lines, creating powerful auroras. The vibrations produce waves of plasma that send heavy ions smashing into the Jovian atmosphere, releasing energy in the form of X-Ray's.
Doctor William Dunn, from University College London's Mullard Space Laboratory in Dorking, Surrey, said that "The effect seen on Earth and Jupiter could, therefore, be a universal phenomenon, present across many different environments in space". The research was a collaborative effort between researchers in the UK, Europe, the US and China. The work is published in "Science Advances".
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Re: Jupiter's X-Ray bursts

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As long as the Jupiter exploration is difficult (including Juno mission), Jupiter mysteries to be solved.
This finding is really significant.
Scientists studying the phenomena turned to computer simulations and found that the pulsating X-ray auroras could be linked to closed magnetic fields that are generated inside Jupiter and then stretch out millions of miles into space before turning back. With proven simulation.
The simulations are a very strong tool to be used in the space exploration area. In the same time, they are extremely difficult to be built as reliable ones.
As we are getting more and more reliable data, as computing power is stronger than ever before and Big Data processing becomes more common, this result is a strong step towards the effectiveness of exploration.
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