Remotest quasar and galaxy discoveries

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Remotest quasar and galaxy discoveries

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Astrophysicists have detected the most distant quasar so far. The quasar is of the radio-loud type and was detected by its radio emissions. The object emits a powerful radio jet that places it at 13 billion light years away. Researchers say the quasar’s discovery will help them to understand the early universe.
Another recent discovery is of an immensely remote spiral galaxy whose existence breaks with conventional theory. The galaxy is so remote that it’s presence brings it too close to the Big Bang for it to have had time to form. Theory says that fully-formed galaxies came much later, not when the matter in the Big Bang was still forming into denser concentrations. Nature’s full of surprises.
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Re: Remotest quasar and galaxy discoveries

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I think it's not the last nature's surprise. James Webb Telescope that should be launched in October this year, is supposed to help scientists detect new quasars and understand how they were formed.
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