Early supermassive black hole discovered

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Early supermassive black hole discovered

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Astrophysicists using the Very Large Telescope ( VLT ) in Chile have found a supermassive black hole from a time when the Universe was young. The object has six galaxies surrounding it in a cosmic web of gas that's 300 times the size of our Milky Way Galaxy.
The research was carried out to find out how supermassive black holes could grow so quickly in the early universe. The discovery supports the theory that black holes can form quickly by being fed by webs of gas rich filaments flowing in them.

Dr. Marco Magnolia,at the National Institute for Astrophysics at Bologna, Italy, said: "The research was driven mainly from a desire to understand some of the most challenging astronomical objects - supermassive black holes - in the early universe. These are extreme systems and to date we have had no good explanations for their existence." Dr Magnoli added
"The cosmic web filaments are like spider's web threads. The galaxies stand and grow where the filaments cross, and streams of gas - available to fuel both the galaxies and the central supermassive black hole - can flow along the filaments." According to this research, the light from the galaxies and the supermassive black hole of a billion solar masses, reached Earth when the universe was only 900 million years old.
The research is published in the "Astronomy & Astrophysical Journal.
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Re: Early supermassive black hole discovered

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The object is located at a distance of 12.7 billion light years from Earth. The source of the jet, or jet, is a quasar, which is a rapidly growing supermassive black hole PSO J352.4034-15.3373 (PJ352-15), which is located in the center of a young galaxy. Its mass exceeds the mass of the Sun by a billion times.
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