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New super-Jupiter exoplanet/brown dwarf imaged

Posted: Wed Mar 27, 2019 10:36 am
by brian livesey
Using the Subaru Telescope in Hawaii, astrophysicists have imaged a super-Jupiter orbiting the 5.5 mag star Kappa Andromedae.
The super-Jupiter glows red, with a temperature of 2,600 C, and is 12.8 times the mass of Jupiter, so it hovers on the borderline between being an exoplanet or a brown dwarf.
Kappa Andromedae b circles its star at twice the distance of Neptune from the Sun.
The primary is a B9 type star and is visible to the unaided eye, at a distance of 170 lyrs.
The Subaru Telescope is engaged in a five year project to directly image extrasolar planets and protoplanetary discs around several hundred of the closest stars.