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PostPosted: Tue Feb 08, 2011 9:26 pm 

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joe wrote:
Quasar wrote:
Those are my conclusions about our Universe.

You've lost me. How about some diagrams? :roll:

Imagine you recorded the results of one double slit experiment onto a computer which has never processed the results to either a screen or any witness. Scientists have proved that if you do not observe either the rear wall or the recorded data at the slits then that information can change even if you observe them a million years from now. Depending on whether you look at the plate from the rear wall first of the data at the slits first, the data can still change in one million years time. What does that tell you Joe?
Tells me that both the wave function and the partical function exist simultaneously through time infinitely. If that is the case then all the data from billions of double slit experiments which occur naturally in the Universe are held infinitely within some dimension. That dimension cannot be possibly visible to use at all and yet it contains all the keys to everything we see.
It has to be available to use when we need it no matter where we are physically in the Universe, it is timeless in its essence as proven by experiments therefore anyone would concur that somehow it sits parallel with us existing alongside our Universe. It can't be in our Universe otherwise we would witness it.
I would therefore conclude, that the future, the past, the present, probability and possibility are a dimension that sits parallel with us and only appear when we need to witness them.

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PostPosted: Tue Feb 08, 2011 10:10 pm 

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quasar wrote
There is an hidden mirror image of this Universe thats runs parallel with it, is directly proportional to it but it contains no mass. This mirror image has no space contained within it or vacuums but sits beside matter from its mirror Universe at point zero. Point zero has no distance within it.

This is what I wrote a few months ago and what seems probably to many very strange but there is a reason for why I said this.
This mirror image I speak of will be proven in years to come because of experiments that are taking place with spinning pairs of Photons.
It has now been proven that when the polarity of one of the spinning pairs is changed, the reaction time of the other Photon is way past any speed of light.
I would describe the speed of the reaction as the 'speed of information' but that information is not travelling through the Universe like a Photon because it is like a thought, it has no mass or rest mass or anything that resembles the behaviour of a particle or sub-atomic particle. It is merely a reaction time of how one particle reacts to another.
If one of these pairs of Photons had it's polarity changed at one side of the Universe then the other Photon at the other side which is still related would also change its polarity instantaneously. The information which passes between the pair is in a dimension in which time and distance are none existant or at 'point zero' - it simply has to be.
Therefore, there is a dimension that sits alongside this huge Universe that is the same size yet is nothing at the same time, just like the Photon in the double slit experiment can be both a wave function or a particle function at the same time.
This could also explained by suggesting the Universe has a frequency in which in one phase, distance and time exist and then in another phase distance and time don't exist.

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