The end of Science

The non amateur stuff. Hawking, black holes, that sort of thing

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Sorry if I'm repeating other posts - I've only had time to do a quick skim.

No doubt that we will never fully understand everything but surely the human brain will just contunue evolving until extinction and so just keep learning until that point. It seems that over the last 100 years (or so) we have had our own form of 'inflation'. Whether this pace of technological advancement will continue or settle down again to a steadier pace I don't know. If we do continue to evolve technology at this level then perhaps AI will take us the extra steps.

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The biologist, Julian Huxley, took the view that, in the long run, humanity is being dumbed down ("Evolution in Action").
He blamed this on mass production techniques, saying that millions of people are only required to press buttons and pull levers; eventually, he thought, natural selection would favour a simpler brain.
So far, there's no indication that we are all turning into Millwall fans, in fact, it's unlikely that we ever will. :D
The point about modern science is that it's pursued almost entirely to serve the needs of industry and commerce. This feverish pursuit of profit explains the dynamic changes that have occured since the 17th Century, when the theory of mechanics was worked out.
Our civilisation, which we call "Capitalism", is as transient as previous civilisations. When it goes science will have different priorities that are in harmony with the new social relations of production. :wink:
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Dear Brian
The recent and third enquiry into the East Anglia University email fiasco does not really inspire me with confidence about science's future.
The eventual outcome (if any?) of climate change\global warming issues may have pround effects on the future of science and possibly much more so than cosmology.
Best wishes from Cliff

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