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Purchasing advice for image sensor
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Author:  nvuser123 [ Sun Sep 25, 2016 4:31 pm ]
Post subject:  Purchasing advice for image sensor

Hi there,

I am working on a nightvision project. Considering that astronomy photography has similar image sensitivity requirements to nightvision i was hoping i could ask some friendly people about buying advice for highly sensitive digital image sensors.
The requirements for the sensor chip i need is as follows:
-minimum 1920x1080@30fps
-no larger than 1 inch(2.5cm) across
-highest quantum efficiency possible in the visible light and NIR spectrum (roughly 350nm--1000nm) and lowest read noise
-must not be more expensive than 100 dollars
-must be operable at room temperature without cooling systems
-must be avaible to civilians internationally

One of the best image sensors for my purposes i have found so far is the SONY IMX323LQN-C. However, when i searched online i've found it for around 10-20 dollars. For this reason i am suspect, is one of the best HD sensor chips on the civilian only 20 bucks?

Thank you in advance for any purchasing advice you could give me!

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