Meade Autostar problem

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Meade Autostar problem

Post by ray1492 »

Evening all, I run a Meade LX90 and have entered a list of objects into the Autostar "user objects" menu option. Needed to add some and re-organise the list so, as I had another Autostar unit from a DS2080, I entered the new list in this one. When I used this one on the LX90 it located the objects accurately but when I moved the scope with the arrow keys to bring a comparison star into the field the unit immediately re-centred the initial object.
Has anyone any thoughts on whether there might be a fault in the unit or have I got a setting wrong somewhere, the original unit allows me to adjust the field quite happily. I should add that the scope is used for variable stars. Cheers Ray
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Re: Meade Autostar problem

Post by Brian »

Just a thought, have you gone through the "train drives" and "calibrate motors" routines for the new handset/'scope combo? Your problem does sound like a "rubber-banding" effect which can be caused by incorrect backlash settings in the drive control parameters. Does the DS2080 handset still have the old settings in use?

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