Swift 10x30 AIS Monocular

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Swift 10x30 AIS Monocular

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The Swift Optical 10x30 AIS Image-stabilised monocular is a handy little instrument and cost me £199.99 from Bakers Photographic in the High Street in Lewes. Optically it seems very good. Focusing is achieved by rotating the OG adjustment ring and the eyecup-distance by rotating that. Both ends come with a plastic cap. These are very similar but not exactly the same size! The IS is switched-on by means of a slider-switch on top and when "on" a green light appears. This is a pro and con. Pro because it reminds you that it is "on" and to turn it off afterwards rather than waste the batteries. The con is that the bright green light faces ones face and is not the ideal colour or brightness if one is observing at night, but this can be overcome by simply putting a finger over it. I suppose one could also stick something over it but I would rather be reminded that it was on. The batteries used two CR2 Lithium 3v which are available in high-street computer/photographic stores and are somewhat more expensive that the usual batteries, however they seem to last for a considerable time and if they should run-out when you are out-side, you can still continue to use it as a good quality plain minocular. Finally, the IS does work well, removing the small shakes although one does need to support the monocular firmly. I used to have a Canon IS binocular of similar size but comparing the two is not easy because naturally the binocular is rested firmly against both eyebrows to start with but the monocular is not. However I find it most useful. regards mike
(PS. I posted this on a different string in answer to a question posed by a member, but though it might also be appropriately posted here as well. maf)
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