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hi all, i bought a telrad finder for my telescope and would like to tell everyone one way to put it onto your telescope. if you have a reflector which i have, with the red dot laser finder already installed , ie 2 bolts which are fixed to the scope, you take the red dot laser finder off which leaves the 2 bolts sticking up. leave them there DO NOT take them off, the Telrad finder comes with a base that is screw,d on, you can take this off the Telrad as i did ( it is made to come off ) and place the base onto scope where your old red dot laser finder was. i then lined up the base above the 2 bolts and marked on the Telrad base where they were, drilling 2 holes bigger than the 2 bolts to allow for flush fitting, ( YOU MIGHT HAVE TO MOVE THE TELESCOPE CLAMPS TO THE REAR AS I DID ) i carefully peeled of the sticker paper off then stuck the base on. lined up my scope on the moon through eyepiece first then set the Telrad finder up it was so easy. the reason i say leave bolts in is so that you can still use the original finder if needed, the Telrad base can be removed AS it is only stuck on, but it will take some getting off.. well a bit long winded but hope this you can buy replacement Telrad bases if you want to use it on other telescopes.. :D

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Thanks for the detailed info :) One question though : does it work as well as you expected?

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