Solar telescope loan advice needed

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Solar telescope loan advice needed

Post by mystarrymessenger »

Hi Folks
I am a secondary school science teacher / amatuer astronomer, and im hoping to put on a solar observation day in the summer. I teach at a birmingham based school in the west midlands and although we have just managed to buy ourselves an 8 inch dobsonian, we are in desperate need of getting our hands on a solar telescope, a coronardo PST, would be ideal.
I have done a google search and I can see that some parts of the UK have laon schemes from local universities. However I cannot seem to find any solar scopes to loan / borrow near by.
Are there any solar scopes loan schemes out there? or are there any local astro groups who may have access to them. who are near the Solihull / birmingham area who may be able to assist?

Look forward to hearing any advice

Thank you

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Re: Solar telescope loan advice needed

Post by sands »

just a thought, have you thought about chatting up your nearest astro supplier,it will be good advertising for them as well.
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Re: Solar telescope loan advice needed

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Have you got an astro society nearby that does public outreach? They may not loan you their telescopes, but they might be willing to come to you with the scopes. That's what my club would do, but unfortunately we're in Essex, not Birmingham!

Have you checked the Federation of Astronomical Societies for clubs round your way?

Best of luck in your quest.

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