Movie Naval Binoculars

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David Frydman
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Movie Naval Binoculars

Post by David Frydman »

Just watched Sink the Bismarck, 1960, on T.V.
The Bismarck officers on the Bridge all seem to have R.E.L. Canadian 7x50 binoculars, at least four seen at one time.
These binoculars have British markings on the barrels.
The correct binoculars were probably too expensive for the movie makers.

The British officers seem to have Barr and Stroud 7x50s and others including also the R.E.L. Canadian 7x50s.

There are probably also a lot more inconsistences.

Regards, David

corrected spelling.
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Post by dazcaz »

It's the same with radios in movies.
All too often we see HF (shortwave) transmitters talking to VHF hand held radios.
We also get people on walkie talkie type radios interrupting one another.
The wrong antennas and all sort of other inaccuracies.
They spend millions "researching" these films but fall over on the detail almost every time.
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