I took the plunge and it paid off

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I took the plunge and it paid off

Post by Earthshine »

I finally sold both my SW f/5 200 Newt & HEQ5 mount and plumped for a Celestron Nexstar 4SE and I'm so pleased.

I've just been out and set it up for the first time. I managed to get it to lock on to 3 stars using Skyalign and it worked first time, then I thought "Here goes" - used the hand control to choose M31 and it slewed to it in about 15 secs - virtually in the centre of the FOV! And it was only a very quick attempt to level the tripod earlier.

The ONLY thing that lets it down is the focuser. With no fine adjustment its difficult to get a very good focus on objects.

I plan to purchase an 80mm ED refractor next year, which I can use on the nexstar mount and tripod.

I two years I hardly ever used my Newt & HEQ5 due to their weight and lack of GOTO (too expensive), but within a week of owning the 4SE I've locked onto about 20 different objects in the sky, all within about an hour.


Thx to Steve at First Light Optics for a very quick delivery and awesome service :)
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