wind proof tripod???

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wind proof tripod???

Post by thomasfn »

Ive recently bought my first telescope and i got with it an alluminium tripod, having just been out with it ive noticed that the wind does have a big effect on my small setup, i was wondering if you guys would know of a good sturdy windproof tripod i could purchase? and preferably not one of hundreds of pounds, any help will be great thanks:).
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Post by MikeMS »

You could try pulling the top of the tripod down, maybe with a bungee cord or something stronger. If you have something in the ground to latch on to, all the better. It could be a cheaper option.

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Post by gary1968 »

Or I have seen some people putting something kinda heavy on the spreader bar / accessory tray, maybe like a bag of sand. But not to heavy it damages the moun tmind.

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wind proof tripod???

Post by nealeh »

If the tripod has hollow legs that you can get access to, then fill them with fine sand (push some wadding down first to stop any risk of the sand escaping from the bottom of the tripod legs).
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