Searching for a 2in barlow

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Searching for a 2in barlow

Post by rusirius »

I've been looking for a 2in 2x barlow and on m,y journeys I have come across a variety of these. There seem to be the ordinary balrlows (around £40-50) ED barlows (around £50) and expensive barlows (Telvue Big, Meade).

My question is, what should I be aiming for given that I would like to use this with a)f10 LX90 with 2in SCT adapter b)f4 12in dob mounted newt.

Would one of the basic or ED barlows suffice (e.g. Skywatcher 2x ED) or should I opt for something like the Telvue Big Barlow?
Lady Isabella
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Post by Lady Isabella »

Hi rusirius

I have a Skywatcher 2" ED, and have a problem when using it in the Japanese style, with my refractors. It takes a massive amount of extension tubes to reach focus. I have had to stop using it in that configuration.

Before buying, I think you need to find out if the Barlow will be able to reach focus in the Newtonian tube.
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