Pop Astro Live - Friday 5th March 2021

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Pop Astro Live - Friday 5th March 2021

Post by jeff.stevens »

If you missed tonight’s Pop Astro Live show, and Vicky’s superb guests, then you can catch up by watching the show on either Facebook or YouTube.

Great to see Sonia Turkington presenting the astronomy weather forecast, and to be able to listen to the fascinating talks from Stephen Serjeant (SPA Vice President) and Andrew Coates (incoming SPA President).

Well done to Vicky and the Pop Astro Live team.

Best wishes,

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Re: Pop Astro Live - Friday 5th March 2021

Post by JohnM »

While we wait for Sonia's next weather forecast I have some links on the weather page http://www.johnmurrell.org.uk/weather.htm on my website that may be of use.

There are links to sites that give astronomy specific forecasts including cloud, transparency & seeing. The page also links to a child page that explains the difference in terms in Meteorology & Astronomy. For instance Air Mass in Astronomy means the amount of air you are looking through from 1 at the Zenith if you are at sea level to very high at low altitudes above your horizon. In Meteorology the term air mass is used to describe a 'parcel' of air that has similar characteristics, for instance air that has traveled across the sea will have more moisture. Very often the boundaries between air masses are marked by fronts on the pressure chart.

There are also links to various educational materials about weather forecasting but precious little about forecasting for astronomy.

There are also links to solar activity as well as links that may help with predicting the formation of Noctilucent clouds (NLC) though these will not be visible until June. By then I might have found some other NLC links. Note NLC are also known as Polar Mesospheric Clouds by professional atmospheric scientists.

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