New 'scope, clear skies... Is this a first?

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New 'scope, clear skies... Is this a first?

Post by dazcaz »

Today I received my new Skymax 127 Supatrak.

It arrived in work, mid afternoon. Overhead mainly clear but clouds forming.

Finished work at 4PM, took new toy home... More clouds forming.

Set new toy up in living room to see how it all went to together.

Cleared a space in the garden. Skies CLEARING!

Set scope up in garden and performed the alimngment thing you have to do.
Skies quite clear.

Darkness falls, cloudy.... Except for most of the sky I can see from my tiny high walled garden.

All the things I wanted to look at, were clear for the duration.
Even my neighbour's security light came on and then went off after less than 1 minute. it's normally on all night once it comes on.

Is this a first? Usually when a new 'scope arrives it's rain or cloud for days :)

Should I buy a lottery ticket or has all my luck been used up already? :)

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Post by Davej »

I would definately go for it Darren :lol:
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Post by Casus Belli »

You must have done a ritual sacrifice of some fairly large mammal to appease the cloud gods. I would do the lottery if I was you. However if you do win expect to get struck by a meteor or trampled to death by a herd of bison. The gods of astronomy have a malicious sense of humour.
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