An astronomical coincidence

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michael feist
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An astronomical coincidence

Post by michael feist »

Having recently acquired 'Celestial Objects for Modern Telescopes' by Covington [thanks to Jeff], I was extremely surprised to find that the section on observing asteroids contained a photograph of Ceres, with the following legend'...Here the asteroid 1 Ceres appears as an extra 7th magnitude star in the Hyades cluster on November 17, 1998'.
Nothing surprising you may think but that seemed familiar to me. Checking my astronomical diary for 17th November 1998, Under this date was the following ' First view ever of Ceres. In the Hyades. 1 1/2" OG telescope and later 8x20. This was followed by a rough sketch of star field.' Must be a chance in a million! regards mike [the watcher].
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Re: An astronomical coincidence

Post by RMSteele »

Mike, you cannot be cerious !
bob :)
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Re: An astronomical coincidence

Post by jeff.stevens »

Mike, that’s a fabulous coincidence. How lovely to see a photo in the book from the same date as your first view.

Best wishes, Jeff.
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