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I have read in publications that Green Witch is closing down due to retirement,. Have i read this correctly?
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Re: GreeWitch

Post by M54 »

Yes it seems Neil has decided to call it a day.

I was a bit surprised, in one of the bits referring to it, to read that Lee appears to have closed down the Leeds shop they had, would have half expected that to have kept going. However I did aleays notice that the GW wedsite referred mainly to the Cambs one.

Maybe the 2 were too closely linked or just things were not going too well. Likely never know. Unfortunately astonomy is not a high turn over business.

What I read somwhere was that Lee had moved to Altair at Aylesham north of Norwich. But no indication of that on the Altair website.

Always thought the "shop" GW had at Dry Drayton was well placed as it had decent access and I would have thought reasonable catchment in the way of customers.
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